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Introducing Classes and support meetings

  • Breastfeeding Basics Class -  Get a head start on your breastfeeding relationship. We’ll be discussing breastfeeding basics including what to expect, position, latch, supply, and the many benefits to having a breastfeeding relationship.

Cost- $25 per couple


  • Back toWork Breastfeeding Class-  There are so many questions when heading back to work, let us help you confidently navigate this time in your breastfeeding relationship. We’ll be discussing pumping, maintaining supply when away from baby, proper handling of expressed milk, your legal rights, bottle feeding, and paced bottle feeding.

Cost- $15


-Natural Breastfeeding Class-Based on Dr. Theresa Nesbitt and Nancy Morbachers’s program for natural breastfeeding, this class will focus on the first few weeks after birth. You will learn pressure activated “hot spots” that help newborns latch and suck more effectively. After this course you will have a better understanding of positioning, common myths associated with breastfeeding, and how to avoid early problems of nipple pain, inefficient supply, and difficulty latching. This is the perfect course to prepare you and give you confidence for your breastfeeding relationship.

Cost- $15



Breastfeeding Support Meeting- Hosted by Southeast Maternal Medical and the Grand Strand Breastfeeding Group this is a chance to get together with some other moms that are also experiencing the breastfeeding journey to offer and receive advice and understanding. Our office plans to host this meeting once a month during evening or weekend hours. Look for upcoming dates on our website and Facebook page!

  • Free




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Southeast Maternal Medical Supply Inc. Products

Please take a look at our online galleries through the tabs on the left. During your virtual tour of Southeast Maternal Medical Supply Inc., view some of our unique products and see what we have available in our store.

We currently carry breastfeeding products including breast pumps.  We continue to research and review products as a need develops in the the community and in the field of maternal child health. Continue to check back to see what exciting things we are up to. If you have any suggestions for products or services we would love to hear about it!

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